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We are human kind and we elevate the fullness of our lives from the melodic mode that we create which transcends our world to levels of higher imagination and consciousness.  I'm only a small part of this evolution in thought; for everything starts with perception.

My goal, to create a musical expression that will defy time and classification.  For true emotions are not rehearsed, but diverse to all that surround our lives.  We were made to be happy, to love, to imagine and to dream.  If you are not afraid to release your emotions for this small moment in time; Journey with me in "2012 Unveiled."

Once you experience these sounds of earthly bound and celestial bliss you too shall enter the gateway.

I Will Live Forever - Musical CD

Additional imagines Hard Time Tee Shirt - Various sizes

Faith, Love & Life - Poetry - Lyrical Book

Hard Time Tee Shirt - Various color all sizes up to 3xxx

Tee Shirt & CD's - Bird N A Hurricane

"Life" Experience

The CD title "Life" is a two set collection comprised of 15 cover songs and 16 original songs.

Each tune was carefully selected to bridge Old School and New School Music.  This CD completes the trilogy of the Faith, Love & Life poetic and musical series, which began 10 year ago.  Since that time the "Faith" CD has been created and the "Love's Eternal" music cd and "I Will Live Forever", the book Truth By Testimony and now "Life".

I know you shall enjoy this musical composition that will remain timeless.